Volunteer Opportunities at

Smyth Road


Commitment: 1 or 2x a month on a Wednesday morning. There is a rotating calendar of volunteers.

Duties: Arrive by 8am to help with the popping & distribution of popcorn. You would be finished before 10am.

Family Picnic

Commitment: Usually late August, September planning school-wide picnic event

Duties: Send out flyers, organize attendance and $ collected, order food, recruit help with setting up tables, barbequers, and cleanup help

Fall Festival

Commitment: a few weeks to a month before the event.

Duties: Photocopy bat drop handouts (x2), Arrange penny sale & bake sale, arrange pre-buying tickets (or bracelet), organize middle school volunteers from Hillside, set up, clean up

Original Works of Art

Commitment: a couple days, spread over a month

Duties: Touch base with the art teacher to be sure they have time to complete the artwork. Send envelopes and order forms home, once the order arrives you will need to spend a few hours sorting and getting into the correct classroom.


Commitment: Flexible times, can be during the school day or in the evening for about an hour

Duties: We will connect you with a teacher that needs photocopying done. You will communicate with them where the copying is left for you to be done! You can come in and copy when it is convenient for you!

Holiday Shop

Commitment: 3-4 days during one week in December

Duties: Collect boxes that are delivered to the school, set up in advance, make handouts asking for volunteers ahead of time, make a schedule for the teachers to sign up for a shopping time. Schedule volunteers, to assist with shopping, putting in gift bag, being a cashier, greeting classes, and packing back up at the end of the sale. Also, entering total sales #’s each, and reordering low inventory merchandise

Ski Club

Commitment: 1 afternoon/evening a week for 6 weeks, beginning in January.

Duties: Have a meeting informing parents of the ski club in Dec. Make and copy handouts, arrange volunteers to: walk with the students from Smyth Rd to McIntyre, drive all ski gear over to McIntyre, be sure each child gets their equipment on (some may need help), get each child to their instructor for their lesson & make sure each child gets picked up at the end.

Teacher Appreciation

Commitment: 1 week a year in May, a few hours of prep leading up to that week

Duties: Decide on a plan, for example how many days to you want to celebrate? Do you want lunch and breakfast? Etc…Typically there has been 1 lunch and 1 breakfast. (In 2015 there was one day of breakfast, one day of lunch and one day of desserts)…. Email volunteers to arrange menu and drop off times, buy paper goods, and decorations if needed. Clean up and set up. There is a budget for this

Buddy Bash (Mother/Son Event)

Commitment: 1 evening, but a month or so of prep work needed. Might work best as a committee.

Duties: Come up with the event, email and coordinate volunteers, create and copy handout, set and clean up. Events have varied from an outing, a dance, a fitness night, a carnival and having a magician on site.

Sweetheart Dance (Father/Daughter Dance)

Commitment: 1 evening, but at least a month or two of prep work ahead of time. Works best as a committee.

Duties: Create & copy handouts, keep track of ticket sales, contact DJ, plan penny sale (if it is wanted), arrange meetings with volunteers, coordinate volunteers, clean up & set up, purchase decorations if not using one of the themes from years past.


Commitment: A few months of coordinating each year beginning in January

Duties: Contact yearbook company to discuss # of pages, layouts, dates things needed to be submitted. Organize a yearbook cover contest among the 5th grade students, and make handouts…make decisions on top 3. Appoint someone to be at the school on the day the yearbook company sends their photographer to take candid shots. Finalize layout, collect yearbook orders and then sort by grade level.


Commitment: Varies depending on how it will be run. Minimal time if online store, more time if using a local screenprinter.

Duties: Create & copy handouts and keep track of orders, if using local. Contact through email if using online shop. Sorting and delivering will be needed for both options.

Box Tops Collecting

Commitment: Evening during the whole school year

Duties: Helping to cut box tops students bring in, creating and/or printing completion sheets for students to bring box tops in on. Can be done on your own time, at your own house!

Science Fair

Commitment: 1 hour per week to meet with students, organizational time as prep work and several hours on the night of the event if you are running it OR 3-4 hours on night of event

Duties: Coordinate with school as to dates, prep time meetings. Organize and rewrite paperwork to send home as information about Science Fair and time to meet with students to guide them through their projects. Run the event on the night you designated.

Invention Convention

Commitment: Organizational time before to communicate with school and send out paperwork, and 1 evening in March to run the program.

Duties: Coordinate with school as to dates, prep time meetings. Organize and rewrite paperwork to send home as information about Invention Convention and time to meet with students to guide them through their projects. Run the event on the night you designated.


Commitment: Multiple times over the course of the year

Duties: Making sure fresh mums are planted for orientation day at start of school, plan a fall cleanup, add scarecrows in front planters in the fall, add candy canes in December, plan a spring cleanup, plant spring pansies, etc…

Share the Warmth

Commitment: Once a year for a few weeks

Duties: Create a handout & copy details of the share the warmth drive, which details what can & cannot be donated. Find a space for them to be kept & coordinate a drop off to the students in need.

Student Directory

Commitment: Beginning of the year for a few hours

Duties: Typing the student list along with contact info separated by class and grade so that parents can contact their children's friends.

Book Fair

Commitment: 1 week typically in February with some preparation time before

Duties: Communicate with Scholastic to set up fair, organize volunteers fill volunteer spots during the daytime book fair as well as during the family book fair on an evening, assist with set up & clean up.

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