Smyth Road PTO Meeting

                                                                                            Tuesday, September 8, 2015


  1. Staff joining meeting: Miss Briggs, Mrs. Webber

  2. Principal’s Report – Miss Briggs – We’re off to a great start, despite the heat. The teacher’s room looks great and the teachers are thankful for the PTO’s redecorating.

  3. Open Positions – Jen Strabone – We anticipate we will have several positions open next year when parents move on to Hillside, so we are encouraging anyone who is interested in shadowing any positions this year to possibly take over next year to please let us know. We are looking for help with the following positions:

    • Secretary

    • Yearbook

    • Invention Convention

    • Student Directory

  4. Family Picnic – Jen Strabone – This event is on hold until the Spring. Mrs. Webber is willing to coordinate this event with someone.

  5. Coupon Books – Jen Strabone – This was a huge success last year and we will sell coupon books again this year. We will have a fundraising thermometer to show how we’re doing with fundraising. We will be raising money to buy Elmo projectors for classrooms. Will supply for one grade at a time. Books will go home end of September or in October.

  6. Popcorn – Kelley Murphy – Looking for the binder to have supporting documents. Have confirmed that 90% of popping corn is non-GMO, including corn from the company we use. Will start popcorn first week of October. Will track who prepaid to avoid re-sending notices to people who have already paid. Need a volunteer list.

  7. Spirit Wear – Jen Strabone – Will be using a new company that offers online purchasing of clothing that will be sent to school for distribution. Will offer this in Fall and possibly in Spring. Will coordinate with parents to pick up order.

  8. Room Parents – Jen Strabone – Will send out info on what is required for room parents. This is just a contact person for teacher to work with for any classroom needs like copying and coordinating class parties. Will put this on Facebook along with committee leads so people know what we’re looking for.

  9. Sweetheart Dance – Mrs. Webber – Looking for help with this year’s event – usually in April.

  10. Treasurer’s Report – Joan Funcke – We created a fundraising tree that shows what PTO funds are used for. Have had issues with bounced checks and declined checks due to gel ink not being scannable. Please remember to put the child’s name in the note section so we are able to match children with checks that have different last names. Recommend pushing Pay Pal this year.

  11. Pay Pal – concern voiced that it is not user friendly because you must enter info about what the payment is for in the memo field. Unfortunately this is a limitation of Pay Pal. Will send home info on how to use Pay Pal and info on committee positions.

  12. Barriers to Attending PTO Meetings – Jen Strabone – Will ask on Facebook what the barriers are for people not attending PTO meetings (i.e. child care). Miss Briggs confirmed we could offer child care in the school during meetings.

  13. Facebook – all

    • Will put agenda and minutes on Facebook

    • When we need volunteers we will send emails to all and post to Facebook

    • Will promote Facebook page at Open House

    • People who are not on Facebook can still see Facebook page by accessing link from PTO website

    • Suggested putting PTO info and Facebook/website on wallet card

    • Will send around a clipboard at Open House to have people added to email list

  14. Corporate Donations – Kelley Murphy – suggested that we look into getting more corporate donations like the landscaping services donated by Accurate Landscaping.

    Next Meeting: Tuesday, 10/13/2015 from 7-8 pm

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